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"There are many stars in the heavens, but only one shines so brightly."

- Chiam Nachman Bailik, Poet Laureate of Israel
(...on Nowakowsky's tombstone)

"He Rises to unequaled heights in the imaginative interpretation of our liturgy"

- Max Helfman, Professor, Hebrew Union College, 1955

"It's a pity that Nowakowsky did not devote his life to secular music. Symphonic music has lost a first degree talent."

- Peter Tchaikovsky, Russian Composer

"Nowakowsky's compositions will bring back a musical spirituality in such a manner that the congregants are carried away by the mood evoked."

- A. Bachman, Musicologist, 1935

"We who live on should not rest until all his writings are published in an all-out effort to open this unique treasure to the world."

"I will write no eulogy upon his death! In my mind he did not die and we can say about him, David, the king of songs, lives forever."

- Samuel Alman, Royal College of Music, London, 1935

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