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The David Nowakowsky Foundation was created to assist in the process of bringing the voluminous manuscripts to publication as soon as possible. The Foundation was established in January 1988 as a non-profit, tax exempt corporation. Itss board members, comprised largely of Rabbis and Cantors, are dedicated to bringing Nowakowsky's classical music to as wide an audience as possible.

Our goal is to provide the financing to enable the music to be edited, published, promoted and performed. Success in reaching this goal wil enrich synagogue services and foster community cultural growth.

Our plans are to stage a major annual Jewish festival concert, similar to Christian Christmas and Easter chorale festivals, featuring the masterpieces of David Nowakowsky and other classical composers. We also hope to establish a Visiting Classical Choir to bring inspiring music to many congregations either at services or in concert. The Foundation, whose projects the Jewish Federation Council calls "a owrthy program," has already donated tapes of a Nowakowsky concert to the Jewish Braille Institute and expects to continue this activity for other similar groups.

The David Nowakowsky Foundation represents an opportunity to participate in a new chapter of Jewish culture and classical music heritage. By making a contribution, you will be able to take pride in bringing the works of an acknowledged genius to uiversal attention. Also, of invaluable assistance is your ability to refer us to individuals and organizations who may support our goal. You can help make history!

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